Desert Rose. Mount Nyiru, Kenya

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Since 1888 when Ct. Telekei and Ludwik von Hohnel discovered Lake Turkana, very little has changed. Mt. Nyiru, the Mathews Range and the Ndotos form part of the Pre-Cambian rock (570 million years old) formation known as the Kenya basement system. Most of the mountain average peaks of around 9000 ft. and as such support an incredible range of flora and fauna with climatic change in altitude.

It is this region which played host to Richard Leakey's explorations which began in 1968 and yielded the most impressive collection of Pleistocene Hominind and animal fossils the world has ever seen.

Camels pass across Chalbi DesertChalbi Desert

Over the last century, a variety of pastoral tribes have migrated through the area, evolving into wildly dissimilar groups such as the Turkana, the Samburu and Rendille whose lifestyles are dependent on cattle and goats, while the Gabra and Merille tribes use camels for their livelihood.Flihjy over Lake TurkanaVisit Lake Turkana

Mount Nyiru's diversity offers a vast number of challenges to hikers of all abilities. There are multitude of spectacular walks - either high up in the cool, dense forest, or down on the endless expanse of African plain. Every walk is fascinating and individual, where one may encoutner traces of wild Boar, hunting Dog, greater Kudu, Baboon and at night Leopard, servel Cat and Aardvark.

Stone House Suite

Emma and Yoav have designed five houses; each different and individually carved out of locally acquired rocks and timber, with private flush toilets, and open-air en-suite bathrooms, offering heart stopping views of the surrounding country side.


The main dining room and library have been hand-crafted in locally quarried slate and finely finished in cedar and olive woods. Both overlook and encompass the peace and stillness of their surroundings. First class cuisine and hospitality make Desert Rose an ideal luxury stopover between Maralal and Turkana and the perfect romantic hideaway for eloping couples.

Conservation Projects

Samburu people

Desert Rose assists the local people by providing jobs, creating a market for their local produce and handicrafts and by assisting with the local school. All the materials for the construction of the camp were obtained locally, providing a strong local tie to your vacation.

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